Some of our scholars' community engagement and Internship experiences

During our scholars' free time, they engage in different activities, from community engagement or volunteering to internship activities and competitions. Below are some of our scholars' experiences.


By Philippe Kame

Being a Misongi College Access Program scholar requires a lot of commitment, maturity and professionalism to the work we perform. However, these skills can not only be acquired through the numerous lectures, workshops, and discussions we are exposed to, but also through community service/work experience. Between July and August, I intern for the Douala base creative agency “Omenkart”, as part of my duties as a Misongi scholar. It was an excellent opportunity for me to explore how my creativity could be put at people’s disposal.

Prior to starting work at Omenkart, I apprehended whether I will be able to deliver good results and show professionalism, as I had no past professional experience. However, it was more fear than harm. All the four employees where young and sympathetic and warmly welcomed me. As a creative design intern, the tasks I was assigned the first week were rather simple. I mostly had to assist the project manager and brand contents manager in their own tasks. I assisted at a shooting where I gave directions to the actors and helped carry some of the materials. The shooting was carried outdoors and the reactions of the passerby and the relaxed nature of the actors made it a funny experience.

During my second week at Omenkart, I got closer to Ariel and Lise, the head of advertising and project manager respectively. In addition to new friends, I was also entrusted more work. I was asked to find a concept for a podcast that the agency intended to create for its own communication needs. The theme being “The world around us”, the idea I had was to invite random individuals for them to share their perspectives of life. I also had to figure out a TV advertisement campaign concept for a coffee brand. I held both presentations in front of the team. Both concepts where discussed and accepted, but the TV advertisement still needed some refinements.

The third week was the most hectic week. I worked for eight hours at Omenkart every day, but I had to balance between work and the College application process plus I had to study for my SAT. In addition to the TV advertisement, I was asked to also conceptualize a radio advertisement for the same coffee brand, which represented a real challenge to me, as I wasn’t apt when creative writing was concerned. On Tuesday, a meeting had been scheduled with FRIDA, an interior decoration brand that wanted to revamp its entire communication strategy. The meeting lasted three hours, and was an occasion for me to learn more. On Thursday I presented the last version of my concept for the TV advertisement, but in front Stephane Bilana the founder and director of OMEGA Studio. The idea was to present certain attributes of coffee: its stimulant properties, its ability to provide the drinker with a feeling of wellbeing, and its use as a beverage during gatherings, in four distinct scenes. Notions of time, age, and taste were considered. The presentation was a success as he approved of the idea.

The radio advertisement concept as though represented a real challenge. In addition to it we also had to work on the script for the TV ad which made Diane, my boss extends my stay by another week. Lise and I had diverging opinions on the script which eventually lead to some tensions between us. However, we were able to figure out our differences and submitted our work. To sum it all, I had an amazing experience at Omenkart. I made great encounters, like the politician Ms. Kah Walla among others. It was full of gratifying experiences that will follow me for a life time. I am certainly better at time management and got more matured and self-confident. I will definitely seize Diane’s offer and go back to the agency next year.

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