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You’re a student

motivated, open minded, commited
and curious about the world?

  • Strong academic record/transcript
  • Robust participation in extra curricular activities
  • Involvement in leadership roles
  • Excellent community service participation
  • Independent thinker, disciplined and committed

Misongi route

Kick off your college application journey with foundational tools for your success

Test preparations courses

We offer our students rigorous test preparation courses for the SAT, TOEFL, and Duolingo. By achieving remarkable results, students boost their chances of gaining admission into top schools. In August 2023, 85% of our students ranked top 1% of million test-takers worldwide.


We conduct intensive weeks-long seminars to equip our students with knowledge and train them in core soft skills to tackle the college application journey with greater confidence and ease. These are conducted in small groups and involve presentations, workshops, discussions, and interactive activities.

Workshop for written communication

Essay writing is a critical part of the college application process. We encourage our students to tell their unique stories to universities and colleges by teaching them how to write admission and scholarship-winning essays. We train them to communicate with authenticity and impact through rigorous workshops that lead to self-discovery and growth.

Information sessions

Our students get a first-hand experience engaging with admission representatives during information sessions. This is an opportunity to gather more information about institutions, learn about academics, faculty, and campus life, and make sure an institution is a good fit for them.

Land your dream school and make
the world your oyster

Access a world-class education in some of the world’s selective institutions and tap into the endless opportunities to elevate your academic, professional, and personal growth.

  • Engage with institutions that match your academic needs.
  • Pursue academic excellence without compromising on your passions.
  • Gain a scholarship to afford a world-class education.
  • Obtain an education that opens doors
to a promising career at home and abroad.

Misongi has been a transformative force in my life. It's not an exaggeration to say that without Misongi, I wouldn't be where I am today. This program empowered me to secure a full-ride scholarship at Northwestern University, where I'm currently pursuing both a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Computer Science. Along the way, I had the privilege of interning at Amazon and Google, experiences that have shaped my career aspirations. Misongi has been the key to unlocking countless opportunities in my academic and personal journey, and I'm immensely grateful for its impact.

Perry BenyellaNorthwestern University
BS/MS in Computer Science

Leveraging the power
of mentoring for college success

Misongi attracts mentors from varied backgrounds and from every part of the globe. They help advise scholars throughout the university application process and share a deep intellectual curiosity, global consciousness, and the drive to improve the world.

  • Join a robust network of established leaders from across Africa and the world.
  • Foster meaningful and enduring friendships that support your growth.
  • Expand your worldview and improve your interpersonal skills.
  • Receive personalized feedback from committed and talented professionals.

The mentorship I received at Misongi enabled me to craft a college application that thoroughly conveyed my unique qualities and accurately reflected my personality. This provided me with a distinctive opportunity to pursue higher education at my dream university. My time at Misongi also marked a period of significant personal growth, allowing me to refine my values and objectives.

Micheal AwahHarvard College
Mechanical Engineering

Start your professional journey working
for international institutions or companies

A successful college experience involves exploring your interests and developing professional skills that will set you up for an exciting and impactful career in the future. Our students secure internships globally in environmentalism, engineering, teaching, healthcare, computer science, marketing, communication, law, and social justice.

  • Gain exposure and insights
into your preferred career fields.
  • Develop your problem-solving, communication,
leadership, and organization skills.
  • Hone your Digital Fluency and STEM Skills.
  • Build a Professional Network.

Additional program

Join the cross-cultural training program to successfully navigate a new academic and social environment

An important challenge international students face while studying abroad is adaptability. Cultural fluency is a real skill that requires patience, practice, perseverance, and inclusion. Our program equips students with tools to practice and hone that skill in real academic, professional, and social settings. We develop integrated training that focuses on identifying differences in communication style, values, and even differences in etiquette. To become effective leaders, our students need to be culturally competent, and our training promotes cross-cultural awareness, clearer communication, empathy, and social inclusion, which will serve them in college and beyond.

  • Improved Communications enhance effective interactions among students and with professors from diverse backgrounds.
  • Cultural Awareness cultivates an understanding of different cultural norms, values, and behaviors.
  • Adaptability to new academic and social Environments.
  • Reduced Cultural Bias which fosters
  • Increased Creativity and Innovation that stimulate innovative thinking.

The mentorship I received at Misongi enabled me to craft a college application that thoroughly conveyed my unique qualities and accurately reflected my personality. This provided me with a distinctive opportunity to pursue higher education at my dream university. My time at Misongi also marked a period of significant personal growth, allowing me to refine my values and objectives.

Michael AwahHarvard College

Misongi provided the platform and framework for me to delve into my academic interests and actualize them at my present college. It equipped me with transferable skills, including interpersonal skills, and facilitated meaningful connections with peers I cherish to this day.

Tessy TebohWellesley College

Misongi has been a life changer for me. 3 years ago
I wouldn’t have even imagined where I’ll be today. Misongi turned my dreams and aspirations into reality.

Davis Voma Tameh-NfonVanderbilt University

Becoming a Misongi scholar was truly life-changing. I received immense support from Miss Veronique, my peers, mentors, teachers, family and Church. It became a catalyst for my personal growth, unleashing newfound confidence and passion for better education abroad (I thought it was not possible before). This was the transformative magic of Misongi teaching me to grab the opportunities that come my way. My writing skills, verbal and interaction skills also improved. I met so many amazing people there and I hope by their example to be an inspiration to others.

Akwan Britney SandraSmith College

Misongi exposed me to a whole new way of learning beyond the boundaries of Cameroon. This has helped me better embrace the new world I am exposed to and better appreciate the one I already know. Through this learning is contained numerous experiences which I am immensely grateful to Misongi for.

Samuel Afahnyu Mbuh NkenglaBiology and Computer Science

Misongi empowered me to approach opportunities confidently, fostering a mindset that embraces challenges as stepping stones to growth.

Kuna Eltice LangmiaWashington and Lee University

Misongi's impact transcends academic preparation; it has meticulously crafted my mental fortitude, enabling me to persist, adapt, and excel amidst challenging environments.

Bernard V. WongibeWilliams College

The people I met were always willing to help when I had difficulties with something and everyone was ready to support each other.

Valdine Pegy Tchinda PegouMichigan State University

The rigorous and transformative experience I received during the mentorship program adequately prepared for all the challenges that I encountered in college.

Johan AzambouMacalester College

Misongi has been life-changing, giving me the support and resources to pursue higher education and opened doors I could only dream about before.

Kamga Etchike Camilla ShonaThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University

The program’s teachings on reselience and fighting spirit are my daily companions in navigating this new academic chapter.

Precious Khan WondziSalem College, NC

At Misongi, I learned that hard work
and discipline truly unlock an infinite range
of opportunities.

Aubin Vertueux Dzossa BontseFurman University

It has expanded my worldview and connected me
to a network of brilliant individuals who have influenced me to be a better version of myself.

Atongajua Nadia KhumbahUniversity of St. Thomas


sutdents coached,
trained, placed


of scolarships


Misongi made the Cameroonian National Honors Roll at the GCE Advanced Level

Misongi alumni globally enrich
their campus communities

across 4 continents : Africa, Europe, America, and Asia. They’ve secured exceptional research and internship opportunities at top-tier institutions during both undergraduate and graduate studies.