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“The mentorship I received at Misongi enabled me to craft a college application that thoroughly conveyed my unique qualities and accurately reflected my personality. This provided me with a distinctive opportunity to pursue higher education at my dream university. My time at Misongi also marked a period of significant personal growth, allowing me to refine my values and objectives.”

Micheal AwahHarvard University

“Misongi provided the platform and framework for me to delve into my academic interests and actualize them at my present college. It equipped me with transferable skills, including interpersonal skills, and facilitated meaningful connections with peers I cherish to this day.”

Tessy TebohWellesley College

“Misongi has been a life changer for me. 3 years ago I wouldn’t have even imagined where I’ll be today and Misongi turned my dreams and aspirations into reality. I remain forever grateful for all the mentorship I received as well as all the amazing friends I made along the way. Misongi could be the first step to you realizing your dreams too:)”

Davis Voma Tameh-NfonVanderbilt University

“Becoming a Misongi scholar was truly life-changing. I received immense support from Miss Veronique, my peers, mentors, teachers, family and Church. It became a catalyst for my personal growth, unleashing newfound confidence and passion for better education abroad (I thought it was not possible before). This was the transformative magic of Misongi teaching me to grab the opportunities that come my way. My writing skills, verbal and interaction skills also improved. I met so many amazing people there and I hope by their example to be an inspiration to others.”

Akwan Britney SandraSmith College

“Misongi exposed me to a whole new way of learning beyond the boundaries of Cameroon. This has helped me better embrace the new world I am exposed to and better appreciate the one I already know. Through this learning is contained numerous experiences which I am immensely grateful to Misongi for.”

Samuel Afahnyu Mbuh NkenglaAmherst College

“Through the mentorship and support in the Misongi Program, I gained a deeper understanding of Higher Education opportunities and developed skills that have propelled me toward academic success. Misongi empowered me to approach opportunities confidently, fostering a mindset that embraces challenges as stepping stones to growth. From understanding the admission process to familiarizing myself with the academic and social expectations, the program became a guiding light, ensuring that I was well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities at Washington and Lee University.”

Kuna Eltice LangmiaWashington and Lee University

My experience at Misongi has been a cornerstone in shaping both my academic and personal growth. The most significant lesson I've learned there is resilience. This invaluable skill was honed through intensive bootcamps, managing a high workload under stringent deadlines, and navigating an extremely collaborative, yet competitive cohort of Misongi scholars. Misongi's impact transcends academic preparation; it has meticulously crafted my mental fortitude, enabling me to persist, adapt, and excel amidst challenging environments

Bernard V. WongibeWilliams College - MA, USA.

“Misongi helped me achieve my goal of studying in the United States by helping me prepare for applications to universities. Throughout my college application process, I had support from Misongi in areas such as writing a good personal statement, describing my extracurricular activities, and how to fill out application forms correctly. Misongi also had a great impact on my personal development, as I was able to meet many incredible people who all contributed to the person I am today. The people I met were always willing to help when I had difficulties with something and everyone was ready to support each other. I formed lifelong connections at Misongi and it was a great experience.”

Valdine Pegy Tchinda PegouMichigan State University

“Misongi Impact: I am thankful for the mentorship and growth opportunities Misongi provided me as a scholar, and continues to provide to me as an Alumni. The rigorous and transformative experience I received during the mentorship program adequately prepared for all the challenges that I encountered in college. Throughout my college journey, Misongi has been there to remind me of my passion for education and giving back; particularly creating learning environments that allow students to reach their full potential. That said, I look forward to future collaborations with Misongi!”

Johan Arsene Azambou NdongmoMacalester College

“Misongi has been life-changing, giving me the support and resources to pursue higher education and opened doors I could only dream about before.”

Kamga Etchike Camilla ShonaThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University

“My Misongi experience not only taught me to be ambitious but also provided several opportunities for personal growth. Experiences such as bootcamps, test preps, and mentorship equipped me with essential skills and planted the seeds of ambition that enabled me to secure a scholarship and study opportunity at Furman University. At Misongi, I learned that hard work and discipline truly unlock an infinite range of opportunities. I forged valuable friendships that helped me understand the real value and importance of supportive relationship in life endeavors, such as the college application process. I am truly grateful for my experience in this program.”

Aubin Vertueux Dzossa BontseFurman University

“Joining Misongi exposed me to the world beyond my classroom and has so far opened many doors of opportunities for me. It has expanded my world view and connected me to a network of brilliant individuals who have influenced me to be a better version of myself. So far, I have improved tremendously in public speaking, engaging in extracurricular activities and embracing challenges with a determined mindset. I remain grateful for being part of the Misongi family.”

Atongajua Nadia KhumbahUniversity of St. Thomas

“I am grateful to Misongi for opening me up to opportunities for higher education outside Cameroon and guiding me through the steps to attend my dream school. Misongi also provided me with a community away from home which I am also grateful for.”

Bah Awazi BlessWilliams College

“I always count myself blessed to have been part of the Misongi program. Being a misongi scholar didn't only boost my academic performance but also refined me as a person. Sharing ideas, learning, making connections and growing with brilliant students with diverse interests from all over Cameroon was such an enriching experience. I equally got to make valuable connections with people around globe. Misongi made me more resilient than I ever was, it taught me there's still life after failure. Misongi, challenged me to step out of my comfort zone, be more confident, outgoing, proactive, open-minded and believe in my abilities. It didn't only assist me with the college application process but also prepared me both morally and psychologically for the new environment I was moving into(USA). This program has had a profound impact in my approach to problem solving and my life as a whole. Misongi, is and will forever be a community to be part of, a place to be!”

Ngwe Megutema LekuAllegheny college

“Misongi has been a transformative force in my life. It's not an exaggeration to say that without Misongi, I wouldn't be where I am today. This program empowered me to secure a full-ride scholarship at Northwestern University, where I'm currently pursuing both a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Computer Science. Along the way, I had the privilege of interning at Amazon and Google, experiences that have shaped my career aspirations. Misongi has been the key to unlocking countless opportunities in my academic and personal journey, and I'm immensely grateful for its impact.”

Perry BenyellaNorthwestern University

“I am a Data Science Major with a double minor in Mathematics and Economics, and I'l be graduating in 2026. Simply put, being a Misongi scholar encouraged me to embrace independence and maturity as I constantly worked hard towards building a successful future for myself, while learning how to overcome challenges along the way and surpass myself every time. I am grateful both for the opportunity, and enlightening experiences.”

Iris FokamMacalester College

“Misongi was my guiding star throughout the college application journey. It didn’t just clarify my doubts but provided me with a mentor who became a monumental pillar of support. Beyond application skills, Misongi imparted life lessons that I carry with me as a college freshman. The program’s teachings on reselience and fighting spirit are my daily companions in navigating this new academic chapter. I’m not just a product of Misongi; I’m a testament to the transformative power of its guidance and mentorship.”

Precious WondziSalem College, North Carolina

“Misongi was an unexpected opportunity that introduced me to a wonderful community that has been helpful and supportive throughout my college application process and beyond. I cannot be more grateful for this opportunity.”

Philippe Gregory Essama MekongoPomona College

“Misongi has been a transformative life experience that not only facilitated my access to higher education in the United States but also served as a catalyst for pursuing my academic aspirations in Computer Science. The program's impactful mentorship and robust support networks played a pivotal role in shaping not just my educational journey but also positively influenced my personal development, nurturing qualities such as resilience, confidence, and a profound sense of belonging.”

Mombou Gasting Therese ElviraWashington & Lee University

“Misongi played a crucial role in enhancing my communication skills and fostering meaningful and enduring friendships. It not only taught me the importance of being well-rounded but also instilled in me an openness to new experiences. Additionally, my experience with Misongi underscored the value of collaborative teamwork.”

Tori Anim TebohRabindranath Tagore University

“The Misongi Program served as an unequivocal liaison between my surpassing my expectations and defying established standards. Extending beyond the mere revelation of my academic potential, it functioned as a stepping stoke from the realm of dreams to tangible reality. Throughout this tough, yet rewarding journey, I traversed borders with boundless horizons, encountering and experience that knew no limits.”

Mbah Ndum Idranne NaikeMount Holyoke College

“Misongi offered a well-organized framework that improved my educational journey and nurtured my personal development. It provided me with essential skills and knowledge, enhancing my grasp of the subject matter such as the SAT. The program's supportive atmosphere promoted collaboration and critical thinking, playing a key role in my academic accomplishments. Additionally, on a personal level, Misongi guided self-discovery, instilling confidence as I faced challenges and embraced new possibilities. Its impact has been significant, shaping not just my academic successes but also influencing my personal growth in a meaningful manner.”

Bryan Mbanya NkwimiConcordia University

“Misongi helped me develop the mindset that revision + adequate preparation = success, which has proven to be most crucial in my college journey. Misongi also taught me that in order to succeed or just survive, one must learn the art of forming partnerships and communities.”

Kelly EtaMacalester College

“I could not thank Misongi enough for all the help and support I received in my college application journey, which landed me a spot at King's College London. I have a very strong desire to work towards economic development in Africa, and this institution has been giving me the tools to learn more about this field”

Emmanuelle Logmo-NgogKing's College London

“Enrolling into the Misongi College Access Program was the springboard to making the way where there was the will. Being surrounded by high-achieving peers helped me develop resilience and acute problem solving skills. Thanks to the Misongi Program, I was able to grow and was exposed to a plethora of awesome opportunities.”

Sarah Dané TaïwéWilliams College

“The Misongi program didn't only grant me an opportunity to apply to top universities in the world; it also equipped me with the skills needed to thrive at such institutions. I went into the program with zero knowledge of college culture overseas, poor writing skills, and a lack of authenticity in expressing myself to other people. The workshops hosted by Ms. Veronique helped me learn about college culture, especially in the United States. Through the mentorship program and writing resources offered by Misongi, I learned to properly express myself in writing. Among all the components of my college application, I believe my essays were the reason why I got accepted into Carleton College. My journey wasn't all sweet and sugar candy; in fact, it was extremely hard sometimes. I felt hopeless in those moments but the continual support I got from Misongi, peers, and family got me through the tough times.”

Bennet TefuCarleton College