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Questions & Answers with Misongi Alumnus Philippe Sanama, recent Swarthmore college graduate.

1- Tell us about your experience as a Misongi scholar.

My journey as a Misongi scholar was nothing short of transformative. From the moment I was accepted into the program, I felt a sense of belonging and support that extended beyond the academic realm. The guidance and mentorship I received from the Misongi team and fellow scholars were invaluable. The workshops, seminars, and networking opportunities exposed me to new ideas, cultures, and perspectives, enriching my understanding of the world around me. The emphasis on community engagement and giving back has instilled in me a deep sense of responsibility to uplift others in my path.

2- How has your participation in the Misongi program shaped your life?

Participating in the Misongi program has significantly shaped my life. It has not only broadened my academic horizons but also honed my leadership skills and self-confidence. The program’s emphasis on holistic growth encouraged me to explore various interests and passions, helping me discover my love for architectural studies. Beyond academics, Misongi taught me the importance of resilience and perseverance in the face of challenges. The supportive environment cultivated by the program has empowered me to aim higher and dream bigger.

3- How did your parents feel about you attending the Misongi Program?

My parents were initially curious about the Misongi Program, but once they understood the program’s goals and saw the positive impact it had on my personal and academic growth, they became strong supporters. They were thrilled to witness the opportunities and experiences I gained through Misongi, and their encouragement played a pivotal role in my success.

4- You just obtained your Bachelor’s Degree in Architectural Studies from Swarthmore College. What do you look forward to achieving next?

I am excited to share that I am currently pursuing a Master of Architecture at Taubman College at the University of Michigan. Building upon the strong foundation I acquired during my undergraduate studies, I am enthusiastic about delving deeper into the field of architecture and design. My academic pursuits align with my passion for sustainable architecture and community-driven design. I am determined to contribute to projects that not only reflect innovative design principles but also positively impact the communities they serve. Additionally, I remain committed to engaging in mentorship and community outreach efforts, inspired by the Misongi program’s values.