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“My advice to new Misongi parents is that sending their children to this program is the best they can do for their future. Firstly, besides the fact that Misongi assists in looking for admission and scholarship, misongi scholar gets holistic training cognitively, morally and psychologically. Misongi scholars are prepared to face the feature with a lot of openness. The program open scholars to international connections, through foreign partner expert mentorship. Misongi could be a gateway of your child to achieve his or her educational vision.” – Parent


“My advice to the future Misongi parents, is that they should keep in mind that the college application process is not an easy task. You must be physically healthy, emotionally and psychologically prepared to work with your child throughout the journey.  Any parent going in for this program should take it very seriously and should be self-disciplined and be there to give your child moral support and words of encouragement.” – Parents


“Parents should be ready to stand by their child as he/she undertakes this journey. Misongi does not only assist children in looking for scholarship opportunities, but also in facing life challenges. Please parents, do not let them do the journey alone. Provide them with the necessary means, and give them your moral support. If your child has been earmarked for the program, it means he/she has the potential; give them the chance.” – Parents


“Misongi is a wonderful experience, sometimes parents were invited to see their children do presentations. Though in most cases, we were represented by proxy, we got feedback through our representatives and video. It was quite exciting. We could see our son though young as he was presenting as chief executive officer. We were very pleased with his performance.”  – Parents


“The Misongi program was a very informative process. It facilitated my understanding that good GCE results is just a step in the application process. Secondly, it showed me that entrance into renowned American universities is not just for those who are financially able, but those who are very tenacious, creative and have a vision.” – Parent of a Misongi alumna